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Novel Writing Workshop

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-Everyone loves the idea of writing a novel...until they start it. This workshop breaks down how to outline your book, chapter by chapter as well as work on plot, characterization, world-building, and point of view. Time will be dedicated to organizing your novel BEFORE you start writing so that when you’re stuck you have a blueprint to return to.

-Workshops will include brief talks on how to build great scenes, develop characters, and create memorable settings. We will also discuss strategies for battling writer’s block, idea generation, and inspiration to write everyday and hit those word counts even if you’re stuck.

-This workshop will not only leave you with a robust writer’s toolbox to return to again and again, you will come out of it with a finished, nearly finished, or on-your-way draft of an original novel. No experience is necessary: all you need is a love of writing and/or reading, and an open and courageous spirit!

-Fee includes instruction for 4 weeks, guidance, reading materials, and snacks. Workshops meet every Saturday from 12-3 p.m. and is capped at 10 students for maximum effectiveness.


-More workshops to come, so be sure to check for updates at danadegreff.com and on FB and IG @danadegreff

***Note: updates will be sent to you on the exact meeting location and prep before we meet in August.